Take this chance to own your dreamvilla!


I. General

Upon registration each participant accepts the following terms, without exception.

II. Object of the Lottery

Object of the lottery is the villa, “Mountain View” situated on a plot of approximately 17,000 m² on the Wine Estate" Diemersfontein " (Plot No. 12260) at about 55 km from Cape Town. The villa is fully furnished for 6 persons (linen, electrical appliances, furniture, etc...) and surrounded by approx. 2.500m² private garden.

III. Trust Office (Management)

  1. The execution and settlement of the lottery, as well as land registration, takes place under the supervision and responsibility of Mrs Dr. Christa Kohl - Rupp, lawyer and member of the “Treu Hand Revision der Steiermärkischen Rechtsanwalt Kammer” - A-8225 Pöllau, Lamberggasse, 8A – e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . (You can contact her directly via this form.)
  2. The payments for the lots will be kept on a “Trust Account" in Austria.
    IBAN: AT88 3831 1000 0004 4156
    BIC: RZSTAT2G311
    In the name of “Mountain View”

    The disposal of this account is as follows: after all lots are sold and the winner is known, the transfer of ownership will be registered. Thereafter, the remaining amount, after deduction of all taxes, fees and other costs, will be paid to the present owner of the villa. If, despite successful registration, the 9,999 lots are not ordered by May 31, 2014, then the owner may still decide to continue the draw and this decision will be announced on the homepage . Between this decision and the date of the draw there will be a period of at least 14 days. If the determined number of lots is not ordered, and the owner of the villa decides to discontinue the lottery, the amounts paid will be refunded, whereby any resulting administrative costs could be deducted.

IV. Conditions for Participation

  1. Both natural and legal persons are eligible to take part in the lottery. Natural persons have to be of age and full legal capacity at the time of the lottery.
    Participants take note that they participate in this lottery at their own risk, especially because some countries may not allow their citizens to take part in a villa lottery.
  2. Participation is only possible through the interface which is set up in the internet.
  3. Every participant is responsible for the correctness of the data entered at the registration.
  4. At the time of registration, a registration number is allocated. This registration number entitles to order lots, until the total amount of 9.999 is reached. This registration number is necessary to enable
    Mrs. Dr. Christa Kohl-Rupp to identify the winner.
  5. Participation in the lottery is only valid upon receipt of full payment of the requested amount of lots. The lotnumbers will be sent at random, about two weeks before the draw starts. Lotnumber 0000 will not be issued. Eligible to participate are the lotnumbers 0001 till 9.999 included. Eligible to participate are the first 9.999 incoming payments into the Trust Account.
  6. Every participant may use any computer for his registration.
  7. Every participant is allowed to register more than once.
  8. For every lot sold, 1 € will be donated to the project Maitland Cottage Home in South Africa.
    You may ofcourse send also your donation directly to this project.
  9. The draw will take place in public.
  10. If the total of 9.999 lots is ordered before May 31, 2014, the draw may take place earlier. There will be a minimum period of 14 days between the sale of the last lot and the date of the draw. The date of the draw will be announced on the Home Page.
  11. Incoming payments on the Trust Account will personally be monitored by the Trustee, Mrs. Dr. Kohl-Rupp, and checked with the registration numbers.
  12. The draw will be done as follows: In four transparent glass jars the numbers from 0 to 9 will be put in small, opaque containers. The draw starts with the figure for the units, followed by the decimals, then the hundreds and finally the thousands. If number 0000 is drawn, the draw will immediately be re-done, as number 0000 is not issued (see point 5). At the draw both Mrs. Dr. Kohl-Rupp, and the owner or a person authorized by her, will be present. After the draw, the data of the winner will be determined on hand of the list of registration numbers.
  13. The winner will immediately be contacted and informed by Mrs. Dr. Kohl-Rupp and the winning lot number will be mentioned on the Home Page. 
    All personal details of the winner will only be mentioned on the website if the winner explicitly admits this.
  14. The winner or his/her legal successor has to accept the prize within 20 days following the day of the draw. If the winner does not accept the prize within the terms mentioned above, there will be a new draw within 3 working days. Within 4 weeks after the winner has been contacted, the Trustee will set up a Deed of Transfer between the Vendor and the Vendee, based on which the entry in the land register will be enlisted.
  15. The handover of the property will take place latest 4 weeks after signature of the Deed of Transfer. The present owner of the property is held to sign the Deed of Transfer without delay. The winner of the object grants the present owner the right to rent the villa at a rate of € 1.500 per month, for a period of up to 3 months, in order to allow him to prepare for repatriation to Europe.
  16. The present owner of the object of the lottery will bear all fees, costs and other expenses arising from the lottery and the transfer of the property.
  17. The registration process is conducted in such a way, that monitoring of the data by unauthorized persons, is not possible. The Austrian Bankers discretion also applies. After the transfer of the deed has been completed, all data of the participants will be deleted from the electronic system of the Trustee.
  18. Austrian law applies. Place of jurisdiction is Graz. No recourse to legal action is permitted.
  19. The underlying case is a one-time lottery by the present owner, therefore not a consecutive activity, directed towards a realization of profits. As such, it does not infringe the exclusive rights of the State of Austria to organize lotteries.
  20. The total amount of lots is maximum 9.999, at a price of maximum € 99 per lot.
  21. The Austrian terms and conditions in German language, are the only legally binding ones.
    The translation of this version of the “Verlosungsbedingungen” into English, has been done as careful as possible, but there may be slight inaccuracies. Therefore, it is advisable to also read the German version, and in case of uncertainty or questions, Mrs. Dr. Kohl-Rupp can be contacted at her e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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